About Our Mission

This is a nonprofit, petition-based campaign, created by Corey Haim fans seeking to honor his life and legacy, by pursuing a spot for him on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. More recently, our group has also taken on the Canadian Walk of Fame. Haim, a Toronto native, is currently eligible for a star on Canada's walk, and while we wait to tackle Hollywood, this seems like the perfect appetizer. Voting for the 2014 inductee's has now begun. Click here to send in your vote; we thank you for your time and consideration.

First and foremost, our mission is to bring justice to Corey Haim, and those who were close to him. Professionally, he entertained the world for 26 years, completing 30+ films in the industry, winning two Youth Artist Awards, and will forever be remembered in the hearts of those his legacy touched. Yet at the time of his death in 2010, he was scrapped from both the Oscar and Screen Actors Guild Awards memorials. This is a huge injustice and insult to both him, and the people who never lost their faith in him. 

Personally, Corey was someone's son, someone's brother, someone's uncle, someone's friend, and in our opinion, a sweet, raw talent who shouldn't be merely swept under the rug. For years, Hollywood praised him, and we believe, now has come the time for them to own up to their word, and HONOR him the RIGHT way. 

Originating on Twitter, our cause has become much more vast, gaining support from various celebrities, and both domestic & global resources.

Founded by Jennifer Shirley on July 28, 2010, her dream of granting her favorite fallen star the credit that seemed long overdue, never looked more distant. But thanks to other fans who shared in her passion and determination, along with the help of a few key individuals, the once long shot probability, has since catapulted to the likeliest thing. 

For it was '6 Degrees of Hell' that put "Give Corey a Star" on the map. Joe Raffa, screenwriter and producer of the 2012 thriller, wrote the most beautiful blog entry on the film's site, in which he praised our efforts. Corey Feldman, who was best friend's with Haim, stars in the movie. 

We couldn't be more thankful for what just ONE article has done for us. Since then, our cause has appeared everywhere, even CoreyHaim.us (Haim's official website) and overseas, in places like Japan and Germany!

Our key supporters are not just some random celebrities, they are the people that were closest to Corey when he was alive. Movie co-stars, Alex Winter, Bernie Robichaud and Lala Sloatman; fellow 80's alumni, Debbie Gibson and Sean Astin, meanwhile as the entire campaign is backed by life-long best friend, Corey Feldman, and Corey's mother and sister, Judy & Cari Haim. 

**For all the latest, up-to-date news on the progress of our efforts, be sure to visit out Tumblr page. We blog just about every day, filling you in with all that's happening. Also be sure to check out our Youtube channel. There you will find both tribute videos and specific update videos. And of course, Like our cause on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!


Justice will be served.

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